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A blog about healthy family cooking
A blog about healthy family meals

Hi, my name is Angela. Originally from Austria, I've been living and working in London for over 7 years now. My passion is food. However, when we moved to London after university, my hospitality & catering diploma and marketing degree took me into the field of e-commerce for hotels.

Now, my husband Erich and I have two little boys called Max and Leo.

My friends used to say that all I talk about is food.
Now, all I talk about is my kids... and food.

My priorities have changed and here I am now writing a blog about family cooking, which is such an important part of parenting.

Already during weaning, we realised that Max with his 2 teeth wanted proper food too. So I started to cook the same food for all of us with some little tweaks – less salt, more veg.

It took me a while to realise that all these kids and toddler recipes aren’t actually necessary. That mums are spending too much time preparing healthy (but plain) meals for their toddlers but don’t actually have time to cook something nice and nutritious for themselves... and end up eating ready-meals.

That’s why I decided to start this blog and share some of my family recipes with my friends. What you’ll find here is delicious, nutritious, well-balanced recipes for family meals to enjoy together:
  • when everyone's home
  • one-pot meals that can be warmed up again later
  • batch cooking for freezing
  • ...and, of course, some sweet but also healthy treats.

I promise that all my recipes will be easy to follow and that my kind of cooking can be fit into your busy day without too much planning.

In addition to the cooking, I’ve also decided to publish some of my crafts projects, which are very easy and quick to complete. They are great to give to your own kids,  grand children or as gifts to very dear friends.

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